Established in 1985 by
Darlene Parker, Founder/Owner
1089 St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505
tel: (505) 988-5154 | cell: (505) 670-0717
Bird Montage
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Parrots make the best pets

A must see in the City Different.

Feathered Friends of Santa Fe is a nationally praised Exotic Bird Store that has been locally owned and operated since 1985 by Founder/Owner Darlene Parker. Our store enjoys a national reputation as one of the finest in the country for beautiful, friendly, domestically bred and hand-raised parrots

Darlene's advice is sought after by parrot lovers around the world. The store is a show place for extraordinary birds. Its unique environment encourages customers to play with and handle the birds which are free to interact with people and each other in a large open area each day. The store also offers boarding as well as grooming services to all our feathers friends.

Another must see in Santa Fe. Our Wild Bird Store has a unique selection of bird-houses, bird feeders, seed mixes and all supplies for all of your outdoor feathered friends. It is managed by Mr. Kurt Miller, whom is a certified Ornithologist, Bird Behaviorist and former Falconer. He is well versed in Avian behavior with a life time of study and first-hand observation through management, breeding and husbandry of wild and domestic bird species. He is an avid bird-watcher and gives local bird tours as well. Kurt is also a professional wood craftsman and watercolor artist. Stop by the store to see his handmade bird feeders and bird houses, as well as his bird paintings.

Please check out Mr. Kurt Miller on Flickr for his amazing bird photo gallery.

Beamer Close Up
My beautiful/handsome 31 yr. old life long companion and #1 Son "Beamer".

May I be blessed with his presence for another 31 plus years...